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Privacy policy

We will endeavor to review and improve the content of this page as appropriate. The latest version will be disclosed on this page. No advance notice will be given.

個人情報の定義/Difinition of personal information

We consider the information (name, telephone number, etc.) entered by the user of the inquiry page of this site to be personal information.
On this site, there is no opportunity to enter your information other than on the inquiry page. Also, our site does not have an area where you enter your credit card number or bank account number.
Customer information that can be obtained by contacting us by phone or e-mail without going through the inquiry page is also considered as personal information.

個人情報の収集と利用/Collection and use of personal information

We collect and use personal information received from customers in order to respond and/or to contact customers.

個人情報の開示と提供/Disclosure and provision of personal information


  • お客様から要求された場合
  • 法令に基づき個人情報の開示・提供が必要となる場合

We may share your personal information with our partner companies for business purposes, but otherwise we will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  • When we obtain customer's request
  • When it is necessary to disclose and provide personal information based on laws and regulations

cookie(クッキー)の使用/Use of cookies


This site uses cookies for some content. Cookies are information stored in your browser when you access the site, and do not include personal information such as your name and email address. We may deliver effective advertisements and other information to those who access this site, or use cookies to analyze access. You can also set your browser not to use cookies.

Googleマップの使用/Use of Google Maps

当サイトではGoogle IncのサービスであるGoogleマップを使用しています。Googleマップ利用中は、Google利用規約およびGoogleマップ利用規約が適用されます。
This site uses Google Maps, a service of Google Inc. While you are using Google Maps, the Google Terms of Service and Google Maps Terms of Service apply.

YouTubeの使用/Use of YouTube

YouTube videos are embedded on this site for the purpose of introducing our products. When you play YouTube Video, your browser will connect to YouTube. The site user's IP address, browser and operating system, date and time, and URL of the requested video will be sent to YouTube.

個人情報保護方針の見直しと改善/Review and improvement of privacy policy

We will endeavor to review and improve the content of the personal information protection policy as appropriate. The latest privacy policy is always disclosed on this page.

個人情報保護に関するお問合せ先/Inquiries regarding personal information protection

Please contact us at info@ecotransfer-japan.com. We may save your contact information.